Take A Stand

It’s perfectly natural to want to fit in; to stick with what’s familiar and play it safe. But for a brand, playing it safe can be a dangerous business. To stand out, you also must be willing to take a stand.

Sarah Rob O’hagan has never played it safe. This international marketing guru has worked for iconic brands, like Virgin Atlantic, Nike and Gatorade. And she’s been fired, twice. It’s all part of learning to Step Up, Stand Out, Kick Ass and Repeat.

We worked alongside Sarah in New York to create and launch her inspirational new brand and subsequent book that has turned into an international best seller!
Sarah’s book is about creating the life extraordinary, a journey to ExtremeYOU.

Watch her interview at www.cbsnews.com

Keep It Simple

If a brand strategy or campaign rationale is difficult to understand, it’s probably wrong. The best brands are built on a simple concept.

This brand development project for Xigo, a firm of project managers for the construction industry. They facilitate the building process by bridging the gap between the developer and the client.

We then cleverly piggy-backed our brand position and philosophy from a well-known and recognised construction industry term – ‘best for project’. At any decision point in construction, whatever is ‘best for the building project’ is the way to go. This tagline positions Xigo as the experienced project managers who are best for your project.

See the full brand online at www.xigo.co.nz

Revitalised Energy

Iconic brands stand the test of time, however at times they need a re-energised brand story. You don’t have to throw the baby out with the bath water.

Paradice Ice Skating had been a household name in New Zealand’s family entertainment industry for many decades. But the market was changing, as more and more recreational choices were vying for a slice of the family budget.

With a little more Oomph, we created a refreshed youthful brand energised to drive new Paradice events around the country. Our entertainment hotspot included Pop-Up Rinks and Ice Slides across New Zealand, as well as targeted promotional campaigns to reacquaint people with the fun of skating.

Get your skates on!


Brand strategies, investigation and positioning all play a vital role in finding the right brand fit for any business or organisation.

An effective brand will associate you with a value-added service, distinguish you from others in your market, and be viewed as being meaningful and beneficial. And ultimately preferred by your customers.

The Fono provides affordable services to the pacific community, including medical, dental, pharmacy, health promotion, social services, education and Whanau Ora, spread across six locations in Auckland and Northland. The organisation has a unique culture based around caring for their community family.


Evolving Great Stories

Positioning is your strategy for conveying what makes your company or products bigger, different or better than those offered by competitors.

Differentiation is essentially the way you carry out your positioning by promoting distinct attributes or benefits that you offer. The team at Dunlop Flooring had the right ingredients for a great brand proposition to differentiate them from Chinese products hitting the market.

Let’s face it. Nobody really gives a toss about underlay. Which is why Dunlop created the Carpet Cushion. With specialised industry accreditations and quality New Zealand manufacturing, our story is about educating the consumer to make an informed decision when purchasing underlay for their carpet.


A Good Brand Name

Your brand is your greatest asset and will only grow in value if you nurture it. A good name will help to drive your future success.

We look to everything, anything and anyone for inspiration. Inspiration is an attitude – a willingness to entertain the illogical, stretch beyond personal taste, embrace what you may initially dismiss, ask questions and stay curious.

MonkeeTree was a great new Kiwi product that needed a memorable name and a quirky communication platform to launch into the international market. This International Trademark developed is driving the pet product into new and emerging markets. Companion felines all over the world are rejoicing this cat access ladder game-changer.


Top Of Mind

In marketing, top-of-mind awareness refers to a brand or specific product being first in customers’ minds when thinking of a particular industry or category.

The team at Bookabach had established themselves in the market as the go-to place online to find your perfect holiday home for rent in any New Zealand location.

This design project looked at a playful Brand Identity and story to build a querky personality for the growing online service. Simplifying the process to booking your next holiday escape. Your perfect match, is at Bookabach.

Let’s head to the beach! Book now at www.bookabach.co.nz

What’s In A Name

There are countless components to creating a successful brand. The brand name itself can mark the difference between a brand that gains traction and one that falls flat.

iT360 was a great example of a brand name that has driven a business forward. The name positioned the organisation as supplying and servicing everything and anything to do with computers and technology.

iT360 will make your business run smoother, perform better, and move faster through better IT & Telecommunications.

Engage iT360 for a end to end solution. www.iT360.co.nz

Finding Your Niché

Niche branding plays a large role in the success of almost any small or large business, both offline or online.

A brand is one of the most important (yet intangible) assets that any company can possess. Without a brand, buyers and audiences will ignore your business in favour of more well-known brands.

Three French Vines is a boutique company that knew their niche. Speciality French Champagne that the French actually drink! Take the journey today and fall in love with this speciality Champagne like they did.


Check back here shortly for some more little mini case studies, some more in depth Brand Stories, Brand Identities and Brand Campaigns.

Or if you need more detail on any specific project areas, then please get in touch.